The Relentless

Akuzio a posted Dec 31, 13


The Relentless is a level 25 Alliance PvP guild. We do not have a specific direction in regards to PvP. Nor are we an Arena guild or a rated Battleground guild. We are trying to avoid specific tags. Instead we are a bunch of people that enjoy PvP in all it's forms, that love the competitive side of this game and try to improve our play no matter the environment ( Arena, Rated BG or World PvP ).

What should you expect to find

A bunch of friendly like-minded people ready to engage in PvP activities of any sort. All kinds of guild specific PvP events ( like Wargames ) with the purpose of training and getting a better understanding of game mechanics.

What you won't find

By joining this guild you will not be automatically provided with an arena partner or a rated Battleground group. We will organise RBG events but expect all our members to be pro-active and take initiative in regards to organizing these kinds of activities.

If you think you would fit in here then apply on the site and we look forward to hearing from you